All theses (C) programs are in WTFPL if not specified, but i'd like to get some feedback at
(io/cpu)nice a program as soon as it gets executed(demonstrates the use of cnproc)
Translate CGI GET or POST parameters, into a xml file for XML-RPC
Quickly demonstrates cn-proc
Show how to use opendir/readdir/closedir: simply list files in a directory
This program creates the /dev/mapper/control node according to /proc/misc
Shows how to detect/understand big/little endians
How to get the current resolution of the framebuffer
How to set an IPv4 to an interface without ifconfig
Shows how to use inotify (file access notification)
Shows how to read an input device
Shows how to use an input device and get its name
Shows how to do as dmesg in C
A linuxrc (the init of a ramdisk) in C, specifically for my previous system, but some points can be reused
Shows how to use mmap() on a file descriptor to write to a file
Shows how to record raw sound with OSS
Integrate C functions in python
Replace every 'a' with 'r'
You thought segmentation faults aren't catchable ? Well they are! Here's the proof.
Set the CD drive to a lower speed (for SILENCE).
Set DMA on a PATA drive, and some other stuff.
Detects if a program uses a shell-bang or not.
Read uevents (every change in the hardware, like USB plugs).
Create a fake input device, controlled by userspace.